Welcome to picvolution.org!

This website is about evolution. Pictures in the select area are competing for user clicks in order to survive and reproduce. The outcome of picvolution is totally open ended and entirely up to the selection of the crowd.

Pictures gone extinct: 449
Total clicks so far: 37013
Average mutation rate: 0.3 %

In the gallery you can see some of the deceased ancestor pictures of the current round of selection.

29.03.15 Picvolution!!

An evolved picture of a human face
What a great success! The pictures really evolved to show a human face. You are looking into the eyes of a face that was not drawn, it was not designed, not sketched or painted. It evolved. If you want to check out the fossil record of the guy, click here. Because it was so much fun (and there are some updates on the algorithm) we start a new round. Go select some images and play a role in determining the outcome of this round!

01.03.15 Algorithm update

The first round of picvolutiuon was stopped today as images have reached a local maximum. A new round is on with an improved algorithm and larger pictures. In the animation you can see all the 480 images from the previous round that together make up the complete line of ancestry. The gallery of round one can be found here.
Animation of the first round of picvolution

10.02.15 picvolution.org goes online

We are currently testing the functionality of the picvolution algorithm. You can help out by clicking on the pictures that most remind you of a face. If you are wondering, what picvolution.org is about, see here.
Any suggestions, error reportings or comments are highly welcome! Just send an email to: